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We would like to thank the teachers and DPS school for their efforts in continuing kids education during the current pandemic time.

We really appreciate  the way teachers have conducted  the classes online and adopted the new way of teaching.

Also the various competitions conducted online on weekends were funfilled and engaged kids in extra curricular activities.

Thanking  You,

Parents of Ananya  and Aneesh, Grade 4

We would like to thank you for your continuous support and encouragement, I’ll never forget the difference you’ve made in my child growth and emotional well-being.

At first, we were bit nervous whether Virat will get adjusted to online classes, however it turned-out other way as day’s progressed and credit goes to you for organizing the classes(a new way) with such patience and committed towards the quality of academic progress.

We would like to thank management for providing a platform (ENTRAR) with which children’s and teachers were able to connect hassle free.

Thank you,

SreelakshmiDilipVaze, Parent of Virat, Nursery

The curriculum was so well designed that kids actually were learning so fast and easily…. The teachers were so so supportive and friendly with the kids during the whole academic year….a lot of activities, worksheets, conversation based classes that kids enjoying in every class…A huge huge round of applause for the teachers and divya mam…. And THE DPS team of course…

Thank you so very much

Shivaay and parents are definitely going to miss you❤

We are parents of Vedvrat Kumar, Class LKG – K appreciate the efforts of the school and faculty during this pandemic.  You  have been extremely motivating in the entire online process and had become the driving forces for all the students. The school has made sure that no student feels that their learning has been comprised during the lockdown period.  Even in such a difficult times, your dedication and efforts to shape our Kids as better individuals is beyond commendable.

Thanks and Regards

Chandra shekhar&Banashree

I am very grateful to you , all the teachers , the staff and the Entrar team of Dps south for providing an  excellent interactive platform .It was all made available in such a short period of time. The classes were very interactive and safe. I liked all the features; we could see teachers teaching live, the children could also enable video, the polling option, sharing the notes, public chat and the videos supporting the syllabus.No other school had such an interactive platform. You made it as close as possible to the live classroom. I appreciate the efforts of the entire Dps South team.

Thanking you


Shivansh’s parents, 3 I.

 I would like to express my sincere gratitude to  all the teachers and am very grateful to your patience, enthusiasm and passion in teaching so many kids in online session. Not missing out any kids work, your immediate response to any query raised, your up to date  information is very very good. I really appreciate you hardwork. All the recorded classes (art, pt, music, dance) and online classes are so well planned. Entire curriculum was well designed and executed perfectly though it is first time by the school. Various activities were planned on Saturdays to engage kids. My son always tells mam gives chance to all to express.  I once again thank the school authorities, teaching and non teaching staff of DPS Blore South for the successful online 5th grade session .

We were looking at a wasted academic year ahead as the entire world was facing the same pandemic and it was really difficult to imagine normalcy anytime soon!

At this point, DPS South Bangalore, our kid’s school stood up to its reputation of great teachers, amazing administration and great infrastructure!  My faith in the teachers has strengthened 100 fold! From teaching in physical classrooms using black boards to teaching online through PPTs and white boards while not being able to keep an eye on the entire class was not an easy transition! Without you, this year would have left scars on our children’s hearts and lives!  How nice to hear a teacher say that you can message me any time if you have a doubt beta!  I believe that it has been a great year in terms of learning life lessons and a major part of the credit goes to the school teachers and the silent hands and minds who made it all possible!

By Dr. Neha Advani,  parent of a student , 7 B