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VOTE FOR ANJANA PADMANABHAN – An Alumnus of DPS Bangalore South

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VOTE FOR ANJANA PADMANABHAN – An Alumnus of DPS Bangalore South

From Schoolgirl Star to Idol Sensation: Anjana Padmanabhan’s Journey Soars!
Remember the name Anjana Padmanabhan? This remarkable young talent, a proud alumna of Delhi Public School, Bangalore South, captured the hearts of the nation by winning the very first Indian Idol Junior title at the tender age of 10! More than just a fleeting moment of glory, Anjana’s victory was a catalyst that propelled her on an extraordinary musical journey.

Today, as a proud alumnus of DPS Bangalore South, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see Anjana shining brighter than ever on the stage of Indian Idol again. This time, she’s not just captivating audiences, but standing tall among the Top 10, proving that her potential knew no bounds and her passion continues to burn bright.

Anjana’s story is an inspiration to young dreamers everywhere. It shows that age is no barrier to talent, and formal training, while valuable, cannot eclipse the power of raw passion and dedication. We, at DPS Bangalore South, are incredibly proud to have played a part in her early life and education, and we eagerly await to see what amazing heights she will conquer next!